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Contributing to stable quality with our new “thermal displacement compensation system” technology

The installation of a spindle thermal displacement compensation system achieves a large reduction in warm-up time. It also shortens the standby time. The high-rigidity gate structure and linear motor drive on all axes can deliver stable and high accuracy even during prolonged machining. The idling stop function also contributes to saving energy by automatically powering the machine off when it is not in use.

Be aware that the image shown here may differ somewhat from the actual machine.
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Product specifications

<Machine unit specifications>
Axis strokes (X axis × Y axis × Z axis)
Work surface size: (W × D, tool base)
XYZ shaft drive
Sodick linear motor drive
Maximum load weight
Spindle rotational speed
1,500 – 40,000min-1 (HSK-E32 type, oil-air lubrication)
6,000 – 40,000min-1 (HSK-E25 type, grease lubrication)
1,500 – 60,000min-1 (HSK-E25 type, oil-air lubrication)
Tool holder model
Maximum cutting feed speed
ATC (automatic tool changer)
20 tools
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
<NC unit>
NC unit
Sodick NC unit LN4X

exhibited products