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Capable of machining large items: A large-size metal 3D printer combining all the technologies of a machine tool manufacturer and supporting high forming speeds

Utilizing our originally developed SRT method, we have reduced residual stress and made stable production possible. This applies even to large-size formed parts where there is concern of cracking caused by warpage that occurs during forming. Multiple lasers (standard: 2, optional: 4) achieve high-speed forming. This product includes a compact spindle that can rapidly machine the reference surface. It was also developed with a focus on operability, reducing maintenance burdens during operations such as material change when multiple materials are used.

Be aware that the image shown here may differ somewhat from the actual machine.
For details, please contact a Sodick sales representative.

Product specifications

Maximum object size (W × D × H)
Maximum workpiece loading weight
Maximum laser output
500 W × 2 (+500 W × 2: option)
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
2,330×2,795×2,530mm (including peripheral devices)
Supported powders (*1 – 4)
ULTRA 21 (maraging steel)
OPM HYPER 1 (cobalt-free maraging steel)
SVM (original special steel for molds)
CT PowderRange Ti64 F (64 titanium)
CT PowderRange 718 F (Inconel 718)
CT PowderRange CCM F (cobalt-chromium)
CT PowderRange ALSi10Mg F (aluminum)
Oxygen concentration
500 PPM or lower
  • *1: Metal powder materials that can be used with the LPM450
  • *2: Metal powders vary depending on the system specifications.
  • *3: If you would like to use a metal powder other than those designated by Sodick, please contact a sales representative.
  • *4: When using ULTRA 21 or OPM Stainless 316 as the metal powder, prepare an environment which conforms to all laws related to health and safety (in Japan, the Industrial Safety and Health Act – Ordinance on Prevention of Hazards Due to Specified Chemical Substances).

Customer Concerns Resolved by the LPM450

exhibited products