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Fully automated for high-speed, high-accuracy drilling and shorter machining times

This product won the Main Award at the 63rd Best 10 New Products Awards (organizer: Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd.). It is equipped as standard with an automatic electrode feeder, and is capable of unmanned electrode supply. It is also equipped as standard with a through-hole detection function, and automatically detects through-holes of workpieces with hollow shapes and stops machining. This can prevent unnecessary machining and shorten machining times. This product is capable of high-speed and high-grade drilling even of materials that are difficult to cut such as titanium alloy and nickel alloy.

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Product specifications

<Machine section>
Table dimensions (W × D)
Axis strokes (X axis × Y axis × Z axis: linear motor drive)
Axis stroke (W axis)
Maximum workpiece dimensions (W × D × H)
Maximum workpiece weight
Installable electrode dimensions
φ0.25 - φ3.0 mm Long electrode (500 mm) is supported.
Work tank dimensions (W × D × H)
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
Unit weight
Total power input
<Power unit section SPK>
Power input specification
200/220 V, 50/60 Hz
NC unit
Multi-task OS, K-SMC-LINK system (M4-LINK)
Simultaneous control axes
Maximum 4 axes (8 axes with SPK-E power specification)

exhibited products