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5-axis simultaneous control machining center featuring attractive high accuracy and operability

Linear motors are used to operate the XYZ axes, while direct drive motors are used to operate the rotating and tilting axes. Control is performed to minimize thermal displacement caused by heating of the spindle, and can be applied to produce accurate machining even with extremely precise commands. This machining center is ideal in areas which require fine, high-precision machining, such as the mold and medical device industries. It features improved operability, and includes a collision prevention function (automatic detection) and prevention function and a beginner’s mode.

Be aware that the image shown here may differ somewhat from the actual machine.
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Product specifications

<Machine unit specifications>
Axis strokes (X axis × Y axis × Z axis)
Maximum supported workpiece size (diameter × height)
XYZ shaft drive
Sodick linear motor drive
Maximum load weight
Tilting axis (B axis) maximum speed
Rotating axis (C axis) maximum speed
Spindle rotational speed
0 – 45,000min-1 (HSK-E40 type, oil-air lubrication)
Tool holder model
ATC (automatic tool charger)
21 tools (standard) / 45 tools (optional)
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
3,110×2,450×2,550 mm (*1)
<NC unit>
NC unit
Sodick new-model NC unit SP1X
  • *1: Machine unit dimensions are the same for both 21 tools and 45 tools (optional).

exhibited products