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Exhibited products


AX350L i Groove+ Edition

The culmination of our popular gate structure, delivering both excellent accuracy stability and superior operability

This product is our first oil specification wire-cut EDM to include a wire rotation mechanism. In addition to the high-rigidity mechanical structure, the machine temperature is detected by sensors and compensation is applied to reduce thermal displacement. The service stroke has been expanded for the Z axis, allowing core processing work to be performed easily. This product is highly compatible with our robotic workpiece change system, and makes it possible to construct automatic operation for long continuous periods.

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Product specifications

<Machine section>
Axis strokes (X axis × Y axis × Z axis)
Maximum workpiece dimensions (W × D × H)
Maximum workpiece weight
Wire electrode diameter
φ0.05 ~φ0.25mm
Maximum taper angle
±15° (plate thickness: 100mm)
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
Unit weight
Total power input
<Power unit section>
Power input specification
200/220V, 50/60Hz
NC unit
Multi-task OS, K-SMC-LINK system (M4-LINK)
Simultaneous control axes
Maximum 4 axes (optional: maximum 8 axes)
  • *1: 120 mm when machining (Z axis)

exhibited products