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Exhibited products

AP250L i Groove+ Edition

Delivering continuous machining in superfine and super-high precision ranges with an automatic wire threader for φ0.02 superfine wires

Improvements to the wire transport mechanism has made it possible to perform stable wire threading even with a superfine φ0.02 wire. (*1) This product includes a wire rotation mechanism as standard, which can largely reduce streaks and unevenness during finishing, and can also produce high machining quality even at the bottom surface of the workpiece. In addition to higher speed resulting from “HS control”, the use of “Super Pika Oil” produces excellent surface roughness of Rz 1 µm or less, shortening the polishing process for dies and precision components.

*1 Automatic wire threading for φ0.02 superfine wires is an optional feature.Be aware that the images shown here may differ somewhat from the actual products.
For details, please contact a Sodick sales representative.

Product specifications

<Machine section>
Axis strokes (X axis × Y axis × Z axis)
Maximum workpiece dimensions (W × D × H)
Work tank inner dimensions (W × D)
Maximum workpiece weight
Wire electrode diameter
φ0.02 ~φ0.2mm (*1)
Maximum taper angle
±7° (plate thickness: 100mm)
Machine tool dimensions (W × D × H)
1,860×2,515×2,105mm (*2)
Unit weight
3,730kg (*3)
Total power input
3-phase, 50/60 Hz, 10 kVA
<Power unit section>
Power input specification
200/220V 50/60Hz
NC unit
Multi-task OS, K-SMC-LINK system (M4-LINK)
Simultaneous control axes
Maximum 4 axes (optional: maximum 8 axes)
  • *1: Diameter φ0.02 mm is supported by an option
  • *2: Including power supply and dielectric tank
  • *3: Including machine tool, power supply, and dielectric tank

exhibited products