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Automation and improved productivity with the combination of a die-sinker EDM and automated electrode/workpiece change robot

Simply install this robot onto the die-sinker EDM that you are using to easily take your current electrical discharge machining process to a higher level. By operating the unmanned robot system late at night, on holidays, and at other times outside business hours, it is possible to perform continuous long-term operation. The hardware (rack interval, jig type) and software (connection to control system or IoT devices) can also be customized. This product is ideal as a first customer step towards achieving automated machining.

Be aware that the images shown here may differ somewhat from the actual products.
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Product specifications

<SR12 specifications>
Unit external dimensions (W × D × H)
Transport robot
6-axis vertical articulated robot
Standard rack configuration
Front and back 2 racks
Tooling type
EROWA /System-3R
Maximum transport weight/shape
7 kg / φ150 × 200mm (including holder weight)
Quantity/layout, size
60 / 10 × 6 levels, when φ is 75 or less (*1)
Maximum transport weight/shape
9 kg / □150 × 150 mm (including pallet weight)
Quantity/layout, size
10 / 5 × 2 levels (*2)
Safety measures (optional)
Safety fence installed on machine front
Machine CE specification full cover (machine option)
Entry detection by area sensor
Support for dual machines
Available (*3)
Electrode/workpiece management
Manual barcode option (*4)
  • *1: As one example, 4 levels in front, 2 in back
  • *2: As one example, 1 level each in front and back
  • *3: Alternating arrangement depending on the model
  • *4: When Mr. Sodick is used as the scheduler

exhibited products